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Self Managed Care

With Self Managed Care, the person or administrator for the person is required to employ the caregivers or care giving agency. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has requirements for the documentation required in order for them to verify that the funds are properly used.

The two basic options are to hire a caregiver agency or to employ your own caregivers.

Using an agency is easier in terms of finding caregivers, employment regulations and scheduling, but is generally more expensive and may require that additional personal finances be used to pay for the care.

Employing your own caregivers requires that you find your own caregivers, follow all the employment standards requirements, do your own books or hire a book keeper. If you hire your own employees, it is highly advisable to use QuickBooks with payroll. While this is expensive, since you require a new version every year to keep up with the payroll deduction tables, it is definitely worth it. It keeps track of everything and will do T4 submissions, Record of employment forms and government remittances. It can also be used to generate the employee hours worked record each month.

AHS reporting requirements

  • Copy of timesheets of the employees with dates and hours worked
  • Copy of cancelled cheques
  • Copy of bank statements
  • WCB payments
  • Total amount of money received from AHS
  • Total amount of money spent
  • Other allowable expenses

It is best to make copies of the required documentation every time the bank statements come and fill in the spreadsheet for the reconciliation calculations.

This is a copy of a spreadsheet used to track the finances for a reconciliation period. The formulas in the spreadsheet automatically calculate the result.

Download Spreadsheet